The Golf Tripod – Become A Complete Player.

The Golf Tripod – Three Areas Of Your Game That Must Be Addressed To Become A Complete Player.



If you are a passionate golfer looking to optimize your golf game, take a look at the legs of your

“optimal golf stool” and see which leg(s) are wobbly or perhaps missing, and you’ll know what

areas to focus your energy to help you perform your best. To assist you on your way to the

optimization of your golf game, The Club Fix, Chris Ownbey, and The Britt Sharrock will each

provide a 50% discount for our initial assessments. Mention this article to receive the discount.



Custom Club Fitting Sessions

50% off Outdoor Tour (Full Bag)


50% off Initial Fitness Screen


50% off initial private lesson

The Club Fix Texas Helps Build A Better Golf Game With Custom Fit Golf Clubs That Fit Your Game. Schedule Your Custom Club Fitting Session Today – Click Here To Schedule

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