5 Ways Custom Golf Clubs Can Help Your Game

Making a change in anything can be difficult to do. Many people are hesitant to change even the smallest part of their lifestyle or routine. We have found this to be the case when it comes to golf as well. People are very hesitant to change their clubs, however they will alter their swing nearly any chance they get if it means they can gain distance or accuracy with their golf game. If you goal is to gain accuracy, distance, or even just have a more true feeling swing, then custom golf clubs might be for you.

There are so many valuable things you can gain when getting custom fitted for custom clubs. Here are just 5 quick ways custom golf clubs will help your golf game:

  1. Customizable Set of Clubs – Having the correct clubs and club types in your bag is a key to efficiency. Do you use hybrids? Or maybe you’re a traditional golfer who likes their irons. The nice thing is that whatever you’re looking for; you can pretty much make your own set. Customizable to fit your wants and needs.
  2. Length – Did you realize that for every ½ inch you miss the sweet spot you lose 5% of your potential distance? On a 160 yard shot, that is a distance loss of 8 yards! Having the proper length shaft will have you striking the golf ball in the sweet spot on a more consistent basis. Getting the right length goes a long way to adjusting your swing properly.
  3. Lie Angle – A degree here or there can make a difference in golf. If your lie angle is off by just two degrees, you will miss the sweet spot by ½”. This causes distance loss and unwanted ball sidespin. At 160 yards, having a lie angle off by two degrees causes the ball to miss its target by 8 yards. If you combine this with the potential loss of distance from the resulting mishit, you will have a putt of 33 feet away from the pin (assuming you hit the green). Having the correct lie angle will reduce turf interaction leading to solid impact, fewer miss-hits and consistent shots.
  4. Shaft – The shaft is one of the most critical aspects of the golf club. Using the correct flex will allow you to impart the highest speed to the golf ball at the center of the face. This can cause maximum distance, pin point accuracy, and optimal trajectory. Plus it feels good!
  5. Grip – The grip is an often overlooked component of the golf club. A properly sized grip will help you regulate pressure in your hands to allow for aligning the club at impact. A grip that is too small or too big will increase tension in your hands and upper body muscles causing problems with release, load, and/or rotation of the club head. Also you can add some color to your clubs and make the pop just a bit more.

For any questions regarding custom fit golf clubs please contact us and we can answer any questions you may have.

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