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The Custom Club Revolution is taking the golf equipment market by storm, and the more you know, the better your clubs will be.


We are blessed to live in the wonderful Information Age. However, with the availability and mass quantity of information at our fingertips comes the challenge of knowing who to trust and what information is applicable to our lives. I am amazed at how quickly change occurs in the world today. Change is either exciting or excruciating. I recently read a quote that I found telling and absolutely true in our fast paced world, which stated, “the only thing worse than change, is irrelevance.”

As golfers, we are constantly striving to improve our game. We experience the teasing exuberance of the occasional pure shot rocketing off the club, or the sound of the ball landing with a thud on a perfectly manicured green. We are willing to do whatever it takes to repeat that feeling. For us, one of the fundamental areas of change pertains to our equipment. We hear the promises of longer, straighter drives, more forgiveness, higher ball flight, less spin, more club head speed, and a myriad of other playing characteristics.

We have all experienced the excitement of changing to new clubs and the frustration and pain of not playing well after making the investment. And to add insult to injury, we realize the value of the clubs drops significantly after using them when attempting to sell them to some other soul searching to improve his/her game. However, most of the time, we tell ourselves, “I just need to play these clubs and figure out how to hit them,” and by doing so, we alter our swing to compensate.

Rather than playing the guessing game when selecting equipment, passionate golfers are realizing there is a better way. Instead of developing swing flaws caused by compensation for incorrect equipment, these golfers identify, through a professional custom fitting process, the right equipment to immediately improve their game and have the clubs built to exact specifications by master club builders. How do you know what equipment is right for your game? What is the process, and what improvements can you expect?

In order to make significant improvements, the first step is to understand the problem. Just as our bodies are made up of parts that function together, our golf bag can be categorized in parts: driver, long game (woods and hybrids), irons, wedges and putter. Each section requires its own diagnosis,as each is critical to a healthy game. Technology has made it possible to more accurately understand the “patient,” the causes of their problems, as well as the corrective actions that can be taken. Take the driver for instance; Trackman recently posted an article summarizing the “Average Male Amateur” and the results of studying 10,000 amateur golfers and found the AMA is giving up 30 yards off the tee.

To hit the ball further, it’s not just about swinging the club faster. While it’s true swinging faster has an effect on distance, it is more important to hit the center of the club face to create the most ball speed, to launch the ball with the correct launch angle, and to create the optimal spin rate. Just as there are no two human beings exactly alike, there are no two golf swings exactly alike. As a result, there is no standard, one-club-fits-all solution. Every player needs equipment fit and built for their game. While there are many factors in the loss of yardage, the primary causes are ball speed, launch angle and spin rate.

Step 1 in creating the optimal outcome is identifying which club head and shaft combination provide the best results. Step 2 is ensuring the club is built to those specs during the fitting. The specs include the proper weight, length, loft and, most importantly, the correct shaft. The shaft needs to be exact with the proper flex, kick point, torque and weight to allow the golfer to deliver club head consistently to the ball.

Each section of our equipment can be dialed in to the optimal set up to get the most out of our game. When we finally hit the right equipment for us, the experience is exciting and enlightening. We see the difference, and have immediate data feedback to validate what you see and feel. Here are a few key things to look for when finding right custom fitting and building solution:

▸ Non-biased toward any particular manufacturer

▸ Has a wide variety of options to test

▸ The ability to interchange any head with any shaft

▸ Outdoor fitting to see the actual ball flight

▸ Uses top of the line radar technology to measure results

▸ Completes custom build in house with quality assurance

▸ Provides a satisfaction guarantee

If you want to see immediate improvement in your game and not feel the pain of change, but rather the excitement, join the thousands of enlightened golfers who joined the custom club revolution!


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