Custom Golf Lesson #5 – Swing Direction & Angle of Attack

In this custom golf lesson you will learn a few key points about improving your golf swing with Trackman and how critical it is to understand swing direction and attack angle. So many golfers could increase their golf game by simply taking the time to analyze their swing and find out what is actually happening. By watching this video below you can pick up a few tips about building a better golf through custom golf clubs and using Trackman to learn your weaknesses and strengths.

Famous Golf Instructor Jim McLean helps us understand more about why swing direction and attack angle are so important.


Jim McLean wrote a book with co-author Adam Kolloff titled: The Ultimate Guide to Trackman Swing Analysis. This Book goes through their system and how it is designed to help you learn what numbers to look for, how to pinpoint swing flaws, and how to make swing changes. If you’re an instructor, coach, Trackman owner, or simply interested in learning more, this is an excellent book for you.

You will learn:

  • How to Improve Your Golf Swing with Trackman
  • The Three Level System Based on Ability Level
  • Safety Zones Tailored to Each Level
  • Specific Teaching Concepts for Each Level
  • Instruction and Drills for Improving Your Numbers
  • How to Use Trackman with Junior Golfers
  • Explanations of Each Parameter
  • PGA TOUR Data
  • Research from Trackman
  • Research from the Jim McLean Golf School
  • Helpful Tips on Using the TPS Software

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If you are interested in purchasing the book, or would like to learn more, please visit their website:


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