Outside Wedge Fitting

Wedges are the most important scoring clubs other than your putter. Start saving more Pars and making easy birdies with this fitting. Do you really know what you have in your bag when it comes to your wedge game?

Fitting Price: $75 | Wedge Fitting Includes:

Current Wedge measurement and analysis-

We measure Shaft frequency (flex), Shaft Weight, Loft, Lie Angle, Length, Bounce Angle, and Grip.

Swing and Ball Flight Analysis-

Ball Speed, Launch Angle, Spin rate, Ball Dispersion, Club Path, Attack Angle, Swing Speed, Carry Distance, and Landing Angle of the ball.

Data compiled throughout full swings, chip shots, bunker shots, and pitch shots will provide the correct wedge recommendation for your personal swing. There is no doubt that after your fitting you will have a greater understanding of your wedges and what makes them work.